Artificial Intelligence & Wearables to Transform Parenting

“The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.”
-Benjamin Spock

About Us

Founded in 2016 on the belief that modern technology could be used to inform and advise
parents and children such that parents have the room to parent and children have the confidence to grow.

Protect, Encourage and Communicate
with Your Children Always

Using smartwatch data, your phone, the internet and crowd data to create your own personal parental assistant.

Vigilint Biosensors' parental assistant is incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your child's data from smartwatches, crowd data (including family, classmates etc.) and organizations (school, church etc.) to provide parents with 'actionable alerts'. More than just know where your children are: you can know if they should be there, who they are with and the closest person who can help. The Vigilint system consists of:

  • Vigilints™ Family Assistant Services - a monthly service providing parents data collection/processing, GPS, cell service and alerts from the cloud.
  • Smartwatches - digital watches with parental controlled phones, sensors, communications and UI for kid's apps.
  • Family Assistant Mobile App (iOS/Android) - with parent dashboard for child location, safety alerts and family coordination.

Vigilint provides complete product including integrated phone SIM and no contract Voice/Data/Text service, allowing parents and child to focus on interaction and not technology. Vigilint is also, step by step, integrating family community touch points including online school portals, church information, sport league information and all child activities.

Vigilint Parental Assistant

Location & Sensor Tracking
GPS, Fall, Impact...

Vigilint performs location tracking via GPS, cell tower and WiFi triangulation. Accelerometer and gyro can detect falls and fights. Its pedometer measures steps/activity.

Secure Communications
Cell, Voice, Text, Emoji

Parental controlled communications provide a sense of independence with safety. Our bluetooth kid-to-kid communication enables a child to talk to their friends - 'walkie-talkie' style.

'Actionable' Alerts
Safe Zone, Fall, Watch Off...

The Parental Assistant sends alerts to your cell phone from all sensor operations including whether your child is in a Safe Zone. You get alerts regarding potential dangerous activities we detect.

Protected Social Media
Photo, Video, Kid-to-Kid...

Our photo sharing, music, and friending is mirrored and under the control of the parent. They can remove threatening content or people.

Stay in touch with your child even when life keeps you away

Vigilint Parental Assistant helps you navigate parenting and be in many places at the same time.

It is difficult for parents (multi-child moms, working dads/mothers, divorced dads) to stay involved with their children especially when you say "What did you do today?" and the answer is "Nothing".

With GPS location and Safe Zones you know if you child got to school on time. You can know if they were picked up or not or if they are sports practice. With Voice Messaging you can send encouraging messages right before or after they take a test or make a speech or play a concert.

Give your children the confidence they need

Confident that you are always reachable with phone on their wrist and 1-button SOS calling.

Confident you are "plugged in" with GPS location tracking, Voice Messaging and full sensors (fall, impact, removal etc.

Confident they can reach out to their friends via kid-to-kid communications.

Call To Action

If you want to protect, encourage and communicate with your child though a modern Parental Assistaant, please join us. You can subscribe to our newsletter, buy one of our products, participate in our Educational safety and STEM program or join our social media to continue the dicussion.


Parental Assistant Services, Mobile App (iOS & Android) and Smartwatches


$139 watch

$10 month

  • All hawkeye Features +
  • 1.3" sq TFT, 240x240 pixels
  • Bundled 3G WCDMA(SIM & Plan)
  • Camera 2MP Fixed Focus
  • Extended Life Battery


$169 watch

$10 month

  • 1.39" rd OLED Screen
  • Bundled 4G LTE (SIM & PLan)
  • Photo & Video Sharing*
  • Music Manage & Play*
  • *Parental Controlled

Frequently Asked Questions

A more in depth set of FAQs can be found at

  • We take data privacy very seriously. We do not aggregate, sell or provide data to any other company. We strictly follow the Federal Trade Commission's COPPA (Child Online Privacy and Protection Agreement) with parent's direct consent. While we cannot totally prevent the possibility of being hacked, all data is encrypted and we provide enterprise level security.

  • No currently the service is only available in the USA. Adding Canada is in process. We are also working on providing an international roaming service. Announcements will be provide here and on the online store (

  • We include a no commitment, no contract cellular service plan with the Parental Assistant Services. You do not need to install SIMs or check for compatible phone plans. Everything is tested and installed before you get the product.

  • The amount varies by the device. The minimum is three separate accounts with separate apps (on each of their phones). The first to register is designated as the 'admin' and has the ability to manage the other family members.

  • The service is a monthly flat rate. The first month is included with your watch purchase. Then the service can be billed monthly, every six months or yearly with your credit card. There are discounts for six month and yearly plans.

  • You may be familiar with the Ambygear smartwatch which was developed by Ambit Networks. In February 2018, Vigilint reached an agreement to merge Ambygear operations and brand into the Vigilint family (see 'Company' -> 'News & Press' for press release). This agreement has no relation to Ambit Network Inc. At this time Ambygear is a Vigilint brand. Child based smartwatches and software services are sold via the ambygear website. The current products do not support the Ambygear time mangement or reward software. We are planning new products (including an ambygear branded watch) and determing how much of the ambygear software platform to integrate into the Parental Assistant.

Our Team

Entrepeneurs, Technologists, Parents and Concerned Individuals

Kris Narayan

Chief Executive Officer

Jodie Hughes

Chief Product Officer

Doug Shimomura

VP, Operations

Dr. Lynne Bui

Chief Medical Officer

Edie Okamoto

Executive VP, Media & Investor Relations

Vigilint Biosensors

Dedicated to improving the quality of care that parents provide through a complete intelligent Parental Assistant which connects family members together and processes life data via wearable sensors such as smartwatches.

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